Thursday, 30 June 2016

The Art Exhibition

My first art show is underway at Stratford Segue gallery. On display were my original cartoons in  watercolour, fineliner sketches and my water colour figures and cats.

                                          The first two pictures sold in this first week.


                                                                       'Goth Girl'

'Fossil Dating Techniques'
                                                                'Greedy Guts'
                                                                'Redhead at the beach'
                                                                 'Dunes of the Cape'
                                                                     Full Moon Bay
                                                              'The Unread book'
                                                              ' Dixie and Winnie'

                                             My homemade cards, featuring my art work

   'Monster go round', a converted music box which plays 'It's a Small World'. I was feeling kind of morbid at the time of it's creation.