Thursday, 30 June 2016

2016 Australian Election

Bill Shorten, Australian Labor Party starts a  scare campaign that Malcom Turnbull will get ride of Medicare. In so doing he brings former Australian PM, Bob Hawke out of the woodwork to support this campaign. 'Hawky' brought in Medicare but at one stage, to make up funding shortfalls, did suggest a co-payment. meanwhile Bill Shorten is vulnerable to the boat people issue, Mal's scare issue. The Labor Left want to get rid of off shore processing of boat people and so start a new tidal wave of illegal immigrants and people smugglers, so going back to the bad old days of Gillard and Rudd.

Note Hawke's drip; he was a bit of a drinker in his day.

The Art Exhibition

My first art show is underway at Stratford Segue gallery. On display were my original cartoons in  watercolour, fineliner sketches and my water colour figures and cats.

                                          The first two pictures sold in this first week.


                                                                       'Goth Girl'

'Fossil Dating Techniques'
                                                                'Greedy Guts'
                                                                'Redhead at the beach'
                                                                 'Dunes of the Cape'
                                                                     Full Moon Bay
                                                              'The Unread book'
                                                              ' Dixie and Winnie'

                                             My homemade cards, featuring my art work

   'Monster go round', a converted music box which plays 'It's a Small World'. I was feeling kind of morbid at the time of it's creation.

Monday, 13 June 2016

2016 Portraits

I'm starting a new folder here of more recent portraits and will be adding to them over the next few weeks.

Below are some 2 minute heads done of Klara with a paint pen and with colour and shadow added later. The sated one was a longer pose I did some time ago and recently did some more work on.