Monday, 23 May 2016

Navigating JOC's Cartoons

Most of the new Mick and Hoppa cartoons are going into the Mick and Hoppa At War page simply because it is a continuing story which is just over half completed. Upcoming events include the confrontation between Russia and Turkey and the siege of Kobane and some sticky ends for ISIS - yes it's not finished yet and I think we'll be seeing 'Bagdaddy' again. I'll leave you to speculate on Mick and Hoppa's role in these and their ultimate fate, but I can say they will return to civilian life.

Ultimately I want to gather these, and possibly some other series into a book, hopefully by early 2017. The format will be soft cover with two panels per page.

I'll also be adding a lesser number of Mick and Hoppa in Australia and America. I also intend to add some more pictures to my portrait sketches.