Thursday, 9 October 2014

Little Lexie

Many of my cartoons are based on my own experiences. Mick and Hoppa, way out though they seem, are really based on my own overseas adventures and observations. Mick evolved out of caricatures of myself that I did in the 80s. He and Hoppa both express my thoughts and experiences.

My daughter, Alexi has provided the material for Lexie and I have frozen her at about age five or six in her favourite purple hat. Alexi always took - and takes- delight in disturbing other people and animals when they are at their most relaxed - and comfortable.

You can also see that her dad looks a lot like Mick, and a lot like me, but frozen before my hair turned grey! Poor Dad, all he wants to do is have his afternoon nap and perchance to dream!

Sheena the cat had a wild streak, more so when exposed to Alexi's over attentiveness. She got scratched hard on at least one occasion, but I think that here the cat is completely on the receiving end.

The parrot is a complete invention as we never had one but he looks like the sort of creature which would have a mobile phone if he could.
Well, this is a painting of Little Alexi who looks a lot like Little Lexie!