Monday, 1 July 2013

A Very Young Cartoonist

Between the ages of nine and eleven I kept a little coloured sketch pad in which I filled fifty or so pages with drawings and cartoons. Some were copied from how to draw books and others were original cartoons. I sketched my Poppy who was easy to draw, with his pronounced profile and I made up characters, some that were forerunners of later characters.

 I think I must have known something about relationships then that may have delayed me getting married until I forgot the lesson.

                     The bandit picture was evidence of my long fascination with Westerns.

                                                        Poppy, my maternal grandfather.
                                                       Early character development
                                                          Monster dinosaur under attack

                                                              Anthropomorphic cats
Yankees on the Moon may have influenced my later Mick and Hoppa on the Moon.