Saturday, 6 July 2013

Des Darvell's Art

Uncle Des was a sign writer and photographer who also did what I call 'splatter paintings', rather similar to Pollock's paintings. Here are some of his items I have hanging on my wall.


Monday, 1 July 2013

Mick the Casanova

 Above: Based on a true story! Although Mick makes no concessions here for his night club attire - still the same cut - offs.

Below: Fishing always seemed boring to me so why not liven it up?

A Very Young Cartoonist

Between the ages of nine and eleven I kept a little coloured sketch pad in which I filled fifty or so pages with drawings and cartoons. Some were copied from how to draw books and others were original cartoons. I sketched my Poppy who was easy to draw, with his pronounced profile and I made up characters, some that were forerunners of later characters.

 I think I must have known something about relationships then that may have delayed me getting married until I forgot the lesson.

                     The bandit picture was evidence of my long fascination with Westerns.

                                                        Poppy, my maternal grandfather.
                                                       Early character development
                                                          Monster dinosaur under attack

                                                              Anthropomorphic cats
Yankees on the Moon may have influenced my later Mick and Hoppa on the Moon.

Humour and Religion

I have long been fascinated by the contradictions between Biblical and Evolution stories. To truly reconcile them I guess Adam and Eve would be a damn sight more hairy, with pronounced brow ridges and some hygiene issues. But what was Eve really doing with the serpent?

 There is also the participation in Easter Bunny egg hunts, Father Christmas knee sitting and Christmas trees on the one hand and Nativity scenes and crucifixes on the other. Most people seem to accept all these ideas at once without thinking through the implications of, for example, where Easter Eggs come from.

Mick is not known for his religious or cultural sensitivity as can be seen above and this will feature in a future cartoon about Egypt.

The Mossies Are Bad